Rome In A Day

Returning now to our hotel room here in Rome after an amazing day, a lot of us are quite tired.  Today, our group had the opportunity to make our way to the Vatican and right away this morning we all went on the Scavi Tour which took us below St. Peter’s Basilica into the old Necropolis of Ancient Rome.  Seeing some of the crypts and tombs of both the pagan Romans and the Christians, and then ending our tour at the tomb of St. Peter – or so we think – it was a moving experience.  We were all split up into three groups with different tour guides who all started at different times.  Some of us had guides that focused primarily on the historical significance of the tour and some of the spiritual significance, but we all had the opportunity to stop and pray at the tomb of Peter.After our Scavi tour, we were generally out on our own – some caught lunch and some just tooled around the basilica.  We all met back up for a tour of the Vatican Museum at 2:15 which took us through many different stages and genres of art and culminated in the place where Pope Francis was recently elected – The Sistine Chapel.  Again, this was a moving experience that most of us took as a spiritual opportunity.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures on the Scavi or in the Sistine Chapel, but the following is a link to some photos taken in the day:

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