A Traveling Saint – Both in Life & Death – Finds Rest in Pavia

On our way from Milan to Florence, we had the opportunity to make a stop in a town called Pavia.  A small city buttressed with rich history and many architectural treasures, Pavia is the final resting place of the remains of St. Augustine.  Augustine lived from 354 – 430 and is known to have been well traveled – especially during his time – but he did not only travel during his walking years.  Augustine’s remains have had quite a history of travel.  Hippo – the diocese in which he served as bishop – housed him for a time until the Arians posed a threat and his body was transferred to Cagliari, Sardinia, then in 720 it was determined that Sardinaia was no longer safe for his remains so the King of the Lombards bought his remains and relocated them in the crypt of the church of St. Peter in Diel d’Oro.  It was there that St. Augustine remained until 1700 when he was again moved to the cathedral of Pavia, but then moved back to the church of St. Peter in Eiel d-pro where they are today.   (Long story short, we got to see the well traveled remains of St. Augustine which are entombed in the church of St. Peter Diel d’Oro today.)
(Information Provided by Fr. Ted Antry)

Now all of this would have been great had we had the time to actually tour the site in peace and take some time, but unfortunately the Church was being cleaned for a festival and the supervisor was having none of us coming in and mucking up his Church.  With loud yells and many claps – Fr. Sal said he will never experience clapping in the same way again – we were kicked out the Church.  Well, I guess this wasn’t the only time we were kicked out of a church – we were also kicked out of Duomo at the end of our tour because they were closing as well.  Many made a suggestion for the title of this blog post to be – “Where Norbert Is, There Too is Augustine, But Where Augustine Is, No Norbertines Are Allowed – Clap, Clap, Clap!!!!”

Anyway, even though we were kicked out, I did have a chance to snap some photos, so Enjoy!

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