Some More from Milan

Today was a pretty amazing day.  We had the opportunity to start the day off with small groups going on a tour of an old Dominican Monestary that had in its dining hall the famous fresco by Leonardo Da Vinci of “The Last Supper.”  Most all of us had an amazing experience viewing a painting that was painted around 1495-1498 and was almost destroyed when Americans dropped  a bomb on that landed and destroyed most all of the dinning hall except for the painting and a painting on the opposite wall.

As if that was not enough, after all of us went through the tour – we had to go in groups of 15 because there is a limited amount of people that can be in the room with the painting at one time – we all had the opportunity to take a private guided tour of Duomo.  A beautiful church which began its construction in 1386 and was completed in 1960s when the bronze doors were finished outside the Cathedral.  The private tour culminated in the experience of seeing the baptismal font where St. Augustine was baptised by St. Ambrose.  I was quite struck by the fact that we had the opportunity to be in the same space that two great saints of the Church were, and where one finalized his conversion by officially dying to self and rising with Christ.

Here are some photos and a video check-in that encapsulates our day, check back later for more – I am standing on a street and loading only what I have from my ipad, the things you have to do for wifi:

Here is the video check-in from today by the Gallaria by the statue of Da Vinci:

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