An Experience of Radical Hospitality

As I had mentioned in previous posts, we had the opportunity to travel today through the Austrian Alps to the town and country of Innsbruck, Austria.  As we arrived in Insbruck, we experienced an impressive experience of radical hospitality as Abbot Raimund Schreier welcomed us to his abbey and then helped to serve a nice lunch complete with some special beer brewed for the abbey by another Austrian Abbey -Schlägl.  Wilten was established in around 1138 and has has quite a history.  Wilten served as a home of an Empresses and a foundational point for the city which was built around it.  It was a great Abbey and an incredible historical experience.  I have posted some video and pictures of the tour and welcome from the Abbot below:

Here is a video of the Abbot and Fr. Royinson Panachikal serving lunch:

Here are some pictures of a tour from the Abbot and from a local tour guide.  Our second guide, a local tour guide was great – she even brought us to her family business which was a bell foundry that had been in her family for over 200 years – but she may have over stayed her welcome for some.  Both tours were quite beautiful and here are a few photos from them:

And here is a video of our private tour from Abbot Raimund Schreier:

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6 thoughts on “An Experience of Radical Hospitality

  1. This video is private (bottom one).

  2. Jean Younk on said:

    Here is a shout out right back at you Pat Olejniczak. I am Mary Jo Morris’s sister and I am loving all the pictures. And I hope Ruth and Pat are taking good care of Mary Jo. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  3. Jennifer Timmer on said:

    I still don’t see Lisa Vanden Avond…did she arrive safely?

    • Hi Jennifer. Lisa arrived and is actually upstairs on the Patio here in Milan with the rest of the crew enjoying a nice glass of wine before she heads to bed. It is 11:05pm here and I think we are all pretty tired from the day. Hope all is well – you should see some pics/videos with her in them soon.

  4. Glenice Como on said:

    Would you have a picture of the Xenophilia icon at the Abbey?

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