A Tour of Roggenburg Abbey & A Fine Dinner

After a beautiful and moving choir concert in the Abbey Church, Fr. Ulrich, a member of the Roggenburg community, took us on a private tour of the Abbey.  Built in 1126 – during the life of St. Norbert – and was founded originally as a Norbertine Abbey.  Due the secularization of 1802, the Abbey was closed and fell into ruin.  In 1986, the Abbey was re-opened and began a process of restoration which is now mainly complete.  Those who call the Abbey home – 13 priests – continue to make the Abbey a warm and welcoming place for the greater community of Roggenburg which built itself around the Abbey.

Please enjoy some pictures of our tour and a couple of videos that share a glimpse of the concert we had the opportunity to enjoy and short clip featuring Fr. Ulrich as he gives the tour of the Abbey as well as some pictures from our amazing meal that night – on the menu was pork and a type of potato dumpling that was quite tasty.  Enjoy!

Fr. Ulrich giving the tour:

Pictures from the Tour and Dinner:

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2 thoughts on “A Tour of Roggenburg Abbey & A Fine Dinner

  1. Fr. Ulrich giving the tour/Tour of the Abbey of Roggenburg won’t play – it says This Video is Private

  2. Ellen Mommaerts on said:

    The photos bring back good memories. Fr. Rainer, the Prior and Fr. Ulrich being the men of hospitality they are is awesome. Fr. Stefan’s skill with the organ at Roggenburg is phenomenal.

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