Sausages, Beer, and Kraut – Wait, Did We Actually Leave Wisconsin?

A language that seems to be universal in my bubble of experience in Wisconsin and my travels in Germany – this is the third time to Germany and second to Munich – is beer, stuffed intestines (aka sausage), and sauerkraut – all things I thoroughly enjoy.  Well beyond the enjoyable commonalities between Munich and Wisconsin, Munich is a beautiful city that offers much to do and see.  A city founded by Benedictine monks, and hosting almost 1.4 million people, will have its work cut out for it hosting 32 lovely men and women from St. Norbert College.

Home to some major breweries such as LöwenbräuSpaten-Franziskaner-BräuHacker-Pschorr, and Paulaner – all brews that I quite enjoy, well except Lowenbrau – the culture of joy around the brewhaus is infectious.  As one should always do when they visit a new town, city, place, getting lost in the local customs and  cuisine is an absolutely essential part of understanding who the people of the locale actually are.  Having the opportunity to go to the Augustiner Brauhaus – no stories, I wouldn’t want to incriminate anyone (Mary Jo) – it is quite an experience.  This is a good start to a trip.

If you would like to see some videos from the day check out this gallery and here are a couple of videos as well.

A video of us coming together before heading to dinner, yep we are a big group:

Here is a little video that gives you more of a feel for the Hofbrauhaus – which some of us will go to later tonight:

A little more about Munich from one of my favorite travel guides:

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